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The project

Photo showing Viviane Reding"Getting more women into the labour market and in top jobs makes good sense for our economies and our businesses. In times of demographic change, tapping the full potential of women in the workforce will pay off more than ever. Women mean business."

Viviane Reding, Vice-President of the European Commission and Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship

What are the aims of Equality Pays Off?

  • To help companies gain access to the skills of the female workforce more effectively.
  • To offer business decision-makers a platform for the exchange of good practices in attracting, retaining and developing top talent and reducing the gender pay gap. More

Who can participate in Equality Pays Off?

  • Business leaders and key decision-makers in large companies in 34 European countries.

Which countries are covered by Equality Pays Off?

The 28 EU member states as well as Turkey, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

How does Equality Pays Off support companies?

The programme assists business leaders and key decision-makers to access the skills of female employees more efficiently through:

  • Workshops in all participating countries directed at enhancing the country-specific exchange of knowledge and experience. More
  • A quick checkxls(184 kB) Choose translations of the previous link  to evaluate the status quo of gender equality in companies,
  • Country profiles on the current situation regarding gender equality in all participating countries. More
  • Good practice examples of companies from different countries to inspire new ideas and strategies. More
  • A Business Forum in Brussels that will allow for the sharing of good practices and networking on the topic across borders. More

For information on the support provided to companies by "Equality Pays Off", please contact:

If you wish to subscribe to the Equality Pays Off Update or unsubscribe from it, please use this registration form.

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Review: Business Forum 2013

Have a look at key results, presentations, photos and films.


picture of Henryka Bochniarz"Women have ambitions to reach top positions in the companies, nonetheless, they keep finding the career door closed for them. This is a business mistake. Being the boss of the leading employers’ organisation in Poland I notice that companies run by mixed teams develop better. Diversity of genders, opinions and views translates into sustainable company management and better profits."

Henryka Bochniarz, President, Polish Confederation of Private Employers - Lewiatan (Poland)

Advocates of the initiative give their opinion: Read here, why it pays off to promote gender equality in business and tap the female talent pool more effectively.

Project partners

Multiplier organisations on a national and international level – representing employees and employers in Europe – play a key role in the success of the initiative. Learn more about the partners of the initiative "Equality Pays Off".