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Conference on Stimulating European Judicial Training

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Background Information

Backgroundpdf(96 kB) Choose translations of the previous link  to the growing need for judicial training on European Union law.


Stimulating European Judicial Training

Brussels, 10th of April 2013.

Supporting judicial training of European legal professionals

The European area of Justice has developed very strongly in recent years.  European Union law is influencing the daily life of the citizens in more and more areas. It is therefore vital to support the efforts of Europe’s legal professionals to apply EU law consistently at all levels.

The general body of European Union law is itself expanding, and more and more national legislation has its origin in EU law, therefore coherent interpretation is needed. Judges, prosecutors, court staff, lawyers, notaries and enforcement agents need a better understanding of EU law. They also need greater awareness of the growing interaction between the different national laws of EU Member States as national authorities increasingly recognise decisions taken by other national judiciaries.

To meet these expanding professional challenges, the European Commission aims to reach its goal that 700.000 European legal practitioners will have had European judicial training by 2020.

Structure of the Conference

The conference will examine the Commission’s proposals (Communication 2011pdf) for expanded judicial training facilities and for monitoring progress. Discussions will take into account the budgetary implications of the EU’s new multi-annual financial framework period 2014 -2020. 

In workshops, experienced training providers will present interesting examples on different aspects of organising judicial training in specific areas. Participants will be encouraged to discuss possibilities for building upon these experiences in other areas of judicial training.

Who should attend this conference?

This conference will be of crucial interest to anyone involved in providing training for legal professionals and to European-level associations of the legal professions. Registration for the event is by invitation only.

More information:

Judicial Training (Europa Justice website)

Building Trust in EU-Wide Justice – A new dimension to European Judicial Training' (Commission Communication, 2011)