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Access • City Award 2014

EU cities are invited to participate in the fourth edition of the Access City Award - The European Prize for making cities more accessible to people with disabilities and older people. The European Commission continues to encourage cities with over 50 000 inhabitants from all Member States to present their activities and strategies designed to make cities barrier-free, better places to live for everyone. It is an opportunity for EU cities to showcase and share their work and plans on accessibility.

First a national selection process will take place to select candidates for the European selection. Once the national selection process has been completed, the applicant cities will be informed which part of their application received the highest and which part the lowest scores from the national juries.

Deadline: 10 September 2013, midnight Brussels time

Please note that the application form must be completed preferably in English, but French and German will be accepted. Linguistic quality will not affect the evaluation of your application and it is the content of your activities on accessibility that will be decisive for your chances of winning the award.

In order to facilitate your participation, the guidelines and the participation rules are available in all official EU languages. It is strongly recommended that you read the guidelines carefully before filling in the application form.

Best practices in 2013

Your initiatives can inspire other cities to improve their policy and activities in the field of accessibility. The outcome of the Access City Award 2013 and the winning cities are presented in a brochure which was published by the European Commission in March 2013. You will find in the brochure detailed information about innovative projects, funding and contact information of each winning city. Reading the brochure (PDF file) can give you an idea which of your existing projects should be highlighted in your application. At the same time, the brochure’s content could inspire you to start new projects to improve the lives of people with disabilities and older people.

Filling in the application form

The indicated maximum number of characters available for each reply includes spaces.

The way that characters are counted in the on-line registration form may be slightly different from the way programmes such as Microsoft Word count characters.

Fields followed by * are mandatory.



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Event organisers

European Commission (Directorate General for Justice Choose translations of the previous link English (en) ).

The ceremony is part of the annual European Day of Persons with Disabilities Conference organised in close cooperation with the European Disability Forum in Brussels.



European secretariat
Access • City Award
e-mail: secretariat@accesscity


About Brussels

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