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Roma platform

Platform meeting © European Union/Reporters

The European Platform for Roma Inclusion brings together national governments, the EU, international organisations and Roma civil society representatives. It aims to stimulate co-operation and exchanges of experience among all stakeholders on successful Roma inclusion and integration policies and practices.

Why a Roma platform?

The idea of a European Roma Platform emerged at the European Roma Summit in Brussels in September 2008.

Following this event, EU countries called on the European Commission to organise "an exchange of good practice and experience between the EU countries in the sphere of inclusion of the Roma, to provide analytical support and stimulate co-operation between all parties concerned by Roma issues, including organisations representing the Roma, in the context of an integrated European Platform" (General Affairs Council, 8 December 2008pdf).

Ninth meeting of the European Platform

The ninth meeting took place in Brussels on 16 and 17 March 2015. It concentrated on the future of the platform. Read more on the dedicated minisite.

Eighth meeting of the European Platform

The eighth EU Platform took place in Brussels on 27 June 2013. The meeting explored the urgent need and possible solutions for advancing the integration of Roma children and youth. Read more on the dedicated minisite.

Previous meetings of the European Platform.