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Roma integration by EU country

Roma children's future

Every EU country has its own view on how to improve the integration of its Roma populations, and how to access and manage EU funds for vulnerable people, including the Roma.


Every Member State, except Malta, has drawn up either a National Strategy for Roma Integration or a set of measures concerning the integration of their Roma populations. The National Strategy of each Member State was assessed by the European Commission in 2012. Assessment reports on the implementation of the EU framework were published in 2013,2014pdf(611 kB) Choose translations of the previous link  and 2015.

Funds for projects that help improve Roma integration across Europe are allocated in two ways: either under the European Commission’s direct management or in the form of shared management between the EU and Member States (select an EU country from the right scrolling menu). Each country page has information on strategies, contact points, managing authorities, and how EU funds can be used for Roma issues.

The EU and the Roma