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Diversity management

Multicultural © European Union, JP Woodland

The 'Business Case for Diversity' shows that diversity management - whereby employers recognise, value and include women and men of different ages, abilities, ethnic origin, religion or sexual orientation - makes good business sense.

Therefore, managing diversity and promoting inclusion increasingly form part of the business world's strategic agenda in response to a more diversified society, customer base, market structure and overall business environment.

The European Commission has encouraged employers to put diversity management more firmly on their strategic business agendas while also supporting their activities across the EU through numerous actions over the last few years.

To continue supporting voluntary initiatives promoting diversity management in the workplace, an EU-funded project aimed at launching and maintaining a platform for EU-level exchange between Diversity Charters in Europe is being implemented.

This project constitutes a key tool in helping to promote the acceptance, appreciation and integration of diversity within the corporate culture. It focuses on:

  • support for voluntary initiatives;
  • building understanding of what is involved for enterprises;
  • increasing awareness of the business benefits to be gained;
  • coordinating the various diversity initiatives within the EU.

Please find here all the documents related to the business case for diversity.