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The Swedish Diversity Charter

Name of the Charter: Diversity Charter Sweden

Logo of the Swedish Diversity Charter

Date launched: 2 December 2010

Short description of the Charter
The Diversity Charter Sweden is a non-profit association that was initiated in December 2010 by Skanska, Volvo Cars, Axfood, A-Search, Novartis, Scandic, L’Oréal, Sodexo, Managing Diversity and Lectia. Today, the signatories include organisations from private as well as public sectors, large companies and also small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). IBM, Ericsson, Folksam, GEA, and 3M are a few examples. Together the signatories employ over 300 000. The Diversity Charter Sweden highlights the benefits of cultural, demographic and social inclusion within organisations, and supports the implementation of policies and processes to strengthen a work environment which is free of bias and discrimination. Based on the Swedish discrimination legislation — which protects gender, age, ethnical affiliation, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and religion — the Charter has a broad definition of diversity, viewing all differences as assets. The Charter is proactive in diversity, with positive values as the driving force. The objective is to strengthen competitiveness and business benefits for companies and organisations.

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