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The Italian Diversity Charter

Name of the Charter: The Italian Charter for Equal Opportunities and Equality at work

Logo of the Italian Diversity Charter

Date launched: October 2009

Short description of the Charter
The Italian Charter for Equal Opportunities and Equality at Work, supported by the Italian Minister of Labour and the Minister of Equal Opportunities, was launched by the National Councellor for Equal Opportunities of the Ministry of Labour, Fondazione Sodalitas and a Steering Committee of Promoters: AIDDA, AIDAF, Impronta Etica and UCID. The Committee ensures the governance and the diffusion of the Charter at local level by coordinating Regional Platforms with representatives of institutions, employer federations, trade unions and civil society. The Charter covers all fields of discrimination: gender, age, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation and religion, with a particular focus on gender equality at work. The 10 concrete actions listed by the Charter are relating to the priorities identified by the EU, with particular emphasis on creating and improving female employment policies. An online questionnaire monitors the implementation of the 10 actions and the impact of best practices adopted. About 895 private enterprises (including around 450 SMEs) and 160 public authorities, employing more than 700 000, had signed the Charter.
Other information: The Italian Charter is a voluntary instrument of active policies for the diffusion of an inclusive corporate culture, supporting the principle of subsidiarity and greater female employability, in order to achieve overall well-being in the workplace.

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