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The French Diversity Charter

Name of the Charter: Charte de la diversité en entreprise

Logo of the French Diversity Charter

Date launched: 22 October 2004

Short description of the Charter
The French Diversity Charter, launched in October 2004 by Claude Bébéar, CEO of Axa, was the first of its kind to be established in Europe inspiring other initiatives across Europe.
By signing a company agrees to implement each of the six articles in the Charter, from raising awareness about diversity among staff involved in the recruitment processes to dedicating a chapter in the organisation’s annual report to the concrete diversity measures undertaken. In this way, the Charter commits the signatory companies to carry out tangible actions to promote diversity. The signatory company also agrees to report on the actions it has performed in the previous year in an annual online questionnaire.
There are currently 3 200 signatories to the French Charter, mostly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). But the charter includes also public institutions.
The charter is hosted by 'IMS-Entreprendre pour la cite', a French organisation working with 230 companies engaged in promoting Corporate Social Responsibility.
Other information:
Important milestones:
- Tours de France de la Charte de la diversité from the 24 September to 12 December
- 'Charte de la diversité Mode d’emploi Tool' for creating an action plan for SMEs
- Regional Platform to support companies and especially SMEs in implementing diversity

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