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The Estonian Diversity Charter

  1. Name of the Charter: The Estonian Diversity Charter (Eesti Mitmekesisuse Kokkulepe)
  2. LogoLogo of the Estonian Diversity Charter
  3. Date launched: November 2012
  4. Short description of the Charter
    The Estonian Diversity Charter was launched at a conference in November 2012 by the Tallinn University of Technology. The 31 companies currently signed up include some of the biggest and best-known in Estonia – including Swedbank Estonia, Selver, Microsoft Estonia and Kaubamaja – as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). In addition to the launch of the Charter at a two-day conference, a publicity campaign was developed to promote the Business Case for Diversity, featuring video clips, outdoor advertising and media promotion.
    Other information:
    » Objectives of the charters: Promoting effective diversity management, preventing discrimination and promoting workplace equality and diversity.
    » Organisation of the charter: The charter is managed by the Tallinn Law School at Tallinn University of Technology.
    » Number of companies at the launch of the charter: 17
    » Current number of signatories: 31
    » Type of signatory organizations:  private, large, SMEs
    » Number of public organisations/private organizations: all private
    » Some names of multinationals or public bodies members of the charter: Microsoft, Novartis
    » Important milestones: A new signing ceremony will take place on 30 October 2013
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