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The material (opinions, working documents, letters etc.) issued by the Article 29 Working Party (Art. 29 WP), available on this website reflect the views only of the Art. 29 WP which has an advisory status and acts independently. They do not reflect the position of the European Commission.


President of the “Commission Nationale pour la Protection des Données”.


Mr Lommel (born in 1954) holds a master’s degree in law from the University of Nancy II, Law and Economics Faculty (France).

Former member of Luxembourg’s Judiciary, he served at the Public Prosecutors office, he was appointed in October 2002 at the head of the independent national Data Protection Authority, established by the law of 2nd August 2002 transposing Directive 95/46/EC.

Before Mr Lommel worked for more than 18 years as Head of legal, social and institutional affairs of RTL, the Luxembourg based European broadcasting organization.

He was an elected member of General assembly at the Chamber of Commerce and participated in many European and national working parties in social and economic matters as well as in the field of media and communications, in particular the “CLEP” (jury of honour in the field of advertising ethics) and the “Commission consultative des Médias” (the Advisory Commission on Media.

He was also one of the Employers representatives within the “Commission nationale de Conciliation” (close to the Minister of Labour and Employment.

Curriculum Vitae (French) pdf(8 kB) Choose translations of the previous link 


Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data (GIODO) 

Born - 1971. Graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Gdańsk, and in 2000 he was awarded the academic degree of Doctor in constitutional law. He works as assistant professor and head of Legal IT Department at the University of Gdańsk. He was also a publisher in legal publishing houses and as lecturer at Gdańsk College of Administration.

Since 2006 he has been working for public administration being an adviser in the field of e-government and information society for the Minister of Interior and Administration. In 2008 he took over the post of the Head of the Informatisation Department at the Ministry of Interior and Administration. He also represented Poland in committee on Interoperability Solutions for European Public Administrations (the ISA Committee). Member of the Archives Council  and the Polish Association for European Law.

Appointed the Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data by the Parliament in 2010. He is the author of numerous studies, publications and lectures in the field of personal data protection, law of new technologies, informatisation, processing and security of information, legal information retrieval systems, and application of semantic web and legal ontologies in legal information processing.