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European e-Justice

"Scales of Justice" key on keyboard © treenabeena, fotolia

European e-Justice is the use of information and communication technologies in the area of justice at EU level. It serves to improve citizens' access to justice, to facilitate procedures within the EU and to make the resolution of disputes or the punishment of criminal behaviour more effective.

This initiative is integrated into all areas of civil, criminal and administrative law in order to ensure better access to justice and to strengthen cooperation between administrative and judicial authorities.

The most visible part of European e-Justice is the European e-Justice Portal. In line with the Council Action Plan 2014-2018, the information and functionalities available on the Portal will be expanded between now and 2018.

e-CODEX (e-Justice Communication via Online Data Exchange), an EU-funded large-scale project launched in the framework of its ICT policy support programme, will find solutions to challenges such as e-ID and e-Signature which could then be integrated into the Portal. It is run by a consortium of EU countries.

Another element is the European Criminal Records Information System (ECRIS). It allows for the exchange of information between EU countries through the electronic interconnection of criminal records databases.