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Survey Report in Statistics, Graphs and Charts © Nataliia, fotolia

Survey on the Impacts of European Contract Law

In the context of the Enterprise Europe Network, the Commission carried out an SME Panel survey on the problems related to contract law experienced by businesses in cross-border trade and on the impacts of a European contract law. The results of this consultation are presented in the Report below:

The Commission also conducted a European Business Test Panel survey among businesses of all sizes, the results of which can be found here.

Testing of a standard notice for consumers under the Common European Sales Law

The Commission launched a behavioral economics studyto test whether the standardised information notice under the Common European Sales Law proposal ensures that consumers can make an informed decision on the use of this law. The study was carried out by the Gallup Consortium and comprised two experiments involving 8,805 consumers from eight EU countries.

The results of the study point in particular to the following conclusions:

  • The notice improves the consumers' understanding of their rights. Consumers who read the notice understand their rights better than those who have not seen a notice. The behavioural experiments under the study showed that the comprehension score of consumers who had read the notice was 26% higher compared to those who had not.
  • The standard information notice proposed in the Common European Sales Law is generally well-perceived by consumers. 76% of respondents considered the notice informative and useful and 64% said that it was clearly written and easy to understand.
  • Consumers are not worried about shopping under an optional instrument. Agreeing to the application of the optional Common European Sales Law does not increase the likelihood of cancelling a purchase. The optional instrument does not raise consumers' concerns about their rights and how to claim them in a cross-border purchase.

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