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On 26 April 2010 the Commission set up an expert group on a Common Frame of Reference pdf български (bg)czech (cs)dansk (da)Deutsch (de)eesti (et)ελληνικά (el)español (es)Français (fr)Gaeilge (ga)italiano (it)latviešu (lv)lietuvių (lt)magyar (hu)Malti (mt)Nederlands (nl)polski (pl)português (pt)română (ro)slovenčina (sk)slovenščina (sl)suomi (fi)svenska (sv) (CFR) to assist the Commission in making further progress on the development of a possible future European contract law instrument.

The Commission asked the Expert Group to conduct a feasibility exercise on a draft instrument of European contract law of whatever legal form or nature.

On 26 April 2010 the commission set up

Composition of the group

The Expert Grouppdf(10 kB) Choose translations of the previous link  was composed of specialists appointed in a personal capacity with outstanding competence in the area of civil law, and in particular contract law. It represented a balance in terms of geographical origin and experiences, and reflected the different traditions of contract law across Europe.


The Expert Group held monthly meetings in which observers from the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers were participating:


At the end of April 2011 the Expert Group delivered their Feasibility Studypdf(333 kB): a text of 189 Articles which strived to constitute a complete set of contract law rules covering those issues which, at a practical level, were relevant in a contractual relationship in the internal market of the European Union.

The consultation on the Feasibility Study

The consultation on the Feasibility Study was opened on 3 May and closed on 1 July 2011. The Commission received 106 contributionszip(37 MB) Choose translations of the previous link