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Complaints and petitions

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Petition to the European Parliament and complaint to the European Ombudsman

A petition to the European Parliament and a complaint to the European Ombudsman are official channels of concern for anyone living in an EU country.

European citizens repeatedly call on European Union institutions to remain open to their concerns. Petitions are a valuable means of enabling individuals to obtain a formal hearing by the EU institutions, establishing a direct link between them and their elected representatives. It also brings to the European Parliament's attention infringements or incorrect implementation of EU legislation so that action can be taken to remedy matters or areas where EU legislation may need to be reviewed.

European citizens can also refer to the European Ombudsman any case of alleged maladministration by the EU institutions or bodies, with the exception of the Court of Justice and the Court of First Instance acting in their judicial role, directly affecting them.

Who can issue complaints and petitions?

Anyone living in an EU country, whether as a European citizen or as a resident, or any entity having its registered office in an EU country:

The European Ombudsman's current mandate is based on the following EU decision: Decision 2005/46/ECpdf(27 kB) Choose translations of the previous link , Euratom of the European Parliament concerning the attribution to M. Diamandouros of a second mandate in the quality of European Ombudsman, as from 11 January 2005 - OJ L 21 /2005 - 25 01 2005.