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Gender-specific drug prevention is an investment for life

WOCAD,  Sweden

“The EAD gave us a real opportunity on a European level to highlight drug problems regarding girls and young women, and at the same time provided us with a chance to share and offer tools for gender-specific drug prevention”, said Leena Haraké, General Manager of WOCAD (Women’s Organisations Committee on Alcohol and Drug Issues), located in Sweden.

WOCAD’s EAD commitment is an important part of their gender-specific drug prevention work. “Traditional drug prevention is mainly aimed at boys and men, and most methods do not appeal to or work for girls and women. Yet the aggressive marketing of drugs is specifically gender-targeted at girls and women”, according to Haraké. Read more about how WOCAD makes sure it reaches young girls and women through its international network “Bellanet”, part of their EAD commitment.

Gender specific drug prevention – investment for life (WOCAD activities)pdf(658 kB)


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