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“Preventing addiction”

OS Mirna Pec Primary School, Slovenia

“Parents raise children. So does the school. Let‘s do it together”, said headmaster Daniel Brezovar as he addressed the parents attending the “School for parents” organised by OS Mirna Pec Primary School. The primary school, located in Mirna Peč, a small Slovenian town with some 2 800 residents, organised lessons for pupils and parents alike to raise awareness on drugs. “Our programme called "School for parents" was very well received. I believe that we achieved our goal of raising awareness son drugs”, said Mateja Ancelj, social worker at the primary school.

“Our elementary school is the only educational institute in town so we try our best to educate people about drugs and their affects. Last year the EAD gave us the chance to reach our goals about preventing drug use”, said Ancelj. “We were delighted to get confirmation that we were running the activities well and in a good manner. These activities are helping us with awareness of drug addiction being bad for social and personal life”, she added, referring to the added value of the EAD.

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