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NIEbraNIE – Drug Free

Developing Children's Activities Association "THE CHANCE", Poland

"The vast majority of prophylactic classes I took part in were boring, and after 10 minutes some folks were just looking for an emergency exit. This time it’s different. I don’t feel like going home at all!", said one of the participants in the NIE bra NIE project. Running since 2008, the project of the Polish association Towarzystwo Rozwijania Aktywności Dzieci SZANSA (CHANCE - The Association for Developing Children’s Activities) aims to prevent drug use among young people, teaching them safe ways to deal with their problems through an interactive theatre play.

“We still can’t believe that our project was chosen as one of the top ten! We are delighted with the decision of the European Commission. We believe that, thanks to the EAD, the project will be known about outside our local community and will inspire others to engage in positive change in their country or city”, said Monika Kisła, a therapist. “Our decision to take part in the EAD top ten stories competition was motivated by the positive feedback received from our programme participants, young people and teachers. They make us believe that what we create, or rather what we create together with them, has meaning – that it is effective and needed”, she explained. “We hope that, by being selected, it will be easier for us to implement the project on a larger scale. The European Commission recognition has given us energy for further efforts in the area of preventing drug abuse. It makes us believe that every effort, even the smallest action undertaken in this area, is important and can be appreciated”, Kisła added.

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