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“Bunt statt blau – Art against Binge drinking”

Ralf Kremer, DAK-Gesundheit, Germany

“The EAD certification was of great help to us, as it was official recognition our campaign ‘Bunt statt blau – Art against Binge drinking’”, said Ralf Kremer of DAK-Gesundheit, a German health insurance company.  The campaign “Bunt statt blau” targets 12 to 17 year old students with a poster competition on binge drinking. More than 35 000 pupils have taken part since the launch of the annual campaign in 2010. “We informed 11 000 schools by email that the campaign was starting, and offered teachers additional scientific-based material to help prepare their lessons”, said Kremer. The material is useful for various school subjects, such as art, social studies or German lessons, depending on the needs of the different schools. 

“We are managing to introduce the topic (binge drinking, raising awareness on drugs) to schools from a content point of view; it is not only about colourful pictures (posters), as critics might argue”, he underlines when referring to the aims of the campaign. “The EAD certificate and the mention of our campaign in the annual Addiction and Drug report of the Government  in 2011 and 2012 as an exemplary prevention campaign against alcohol abuse gave added credibility to the seriousness of the topic of our campaign”, he concluded.

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