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“Addicts no longer have to die from this disease”

AFDER (Association Française des Dépendants en Rétablissement), France

“Drug addiction is a true international problem. An addict suffers the same way in Paris as in New York”, said Julien Chartier, president of AFDER, a French association of drug addicts in recovery. “We are looking to gain visibility on the international and European levels, which is why we turned to the European Action on Drugs”, he said.  “Being recognised by the European Action on Drugs is very important to us, as we are taken seriously”, Chartier added.

Based on a true story

The “EAD Top Ten Story” of the association is based on a true story. It is the story of one of AFDER’s members, but it could be the story of any person suffering addiction. For AFDER, this story will give a voice to all addicts whose stories are very similar.

No addict seeking recovery need ever die from this disease (story) pdf(271 kB) Choose translations of the previous link 

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