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Tackling drugs (and driving)

Johan Chiers, Responsible Young Drivers (RYD), Belgium

200 discos in 20 countries will again be part of the “European Night Without Accident”, an event to be organised on 20 October 2012 by EAD signatory Responsible Young Drivers. According to the association, the promotion of drug awareness during this event will be “one of the best outcomes of our EAD involvement”.

“The recognition given by the European Commission to European civil society active in the drug fields is very important”, confirmed Johan Chiers, CEO of RYD. “The EAD gave our project visibility on an international scale, and was also important for campaigns on local and national level as part of increasing visibility”, he said. Chiers attended the EAD events in 2009 (launch event) and 2010 (1st anniversary) in Brussels, to meet partners active in the drugs field. “I was impressed by the contributions of other EAD signatories”, he underlined.

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