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About this site

Until the end of 2016 this website has been managed by the European Commission's Directorate General for Justice and Consumers.

As of 2017 the content on this website is no longer updated and remains online as an archive.

What policies were covered by this site?

Until 2017 this site coved all policies and activities of the European Commission relating to the development of a European Area of Justice and consumer issues.

What languages is the website available in?

The archived website is available only in English.

How accessible is this website?

This website follows international guidelines for accessible web content so that it can be accessed and understood by as many people as possible without discrimination. Full information on Europa accessibility policy.


The information available on this site may only be reproduced on condition that the source is acknowledged. See the copyright notice.

Image and photo credits

Regarding all pictures used on this website, the European Commission either owns the copyright or has obtained the proper permission to use them from the owner(s) of the copyright. They can only be used on the EUROPA website. Reproduction or any other use of these pictures is not permitted.

Where to find the current information on EU policies

Find updates about EU policies on Policies, information, services website. Latest news is also available in Newsroom.