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About this site

This website is managed by the European Commission's Directorate General for Justice and Consumers Choose translations of the previous link .

What policies are covered by this site?

This site covers all policies and activities of the European Commission relating to the development of a European Area of Justice.

What kind of material can you find on this site?

  • An overview of current European Commission policies and activities in the field of Justice
  • News on latest developments, including links to press releases and other press material
  • Links to electronic versions of relevant legislation, publications, reports and studies
  • Access to public consultations - your chance to "have your say" on future policy development
  • Information on events, conferences and other activities organised by the Commission in the field of Justice

What languages is the website available in?

We try to publish as much information as possible, particularly information aimed at a wide public, in all 24 official languages of the European Union Choose translations of the previous link .

However, translation costs and time constraints mean that not all material can realistically be translated. More specialised web texts are available in English, French and German, as are time-sensitive items such as news announcements. Some technical material, including highly-specialised reports and studies, are available only in English.

European Union Press Releases, to which many of our news announcements link, are usually available in most official languages. (see also RAPID press database.)

All European Union legislation and other official documents are available in all official languages from the European Commission's EUR-Lex site.

How accessible is this website?

This website follows international guidelines for accessible web content so that it can be accessed and understood by as many people as possible without discrimination. Full information on Europa accessibility policy Choose translations of the previous link .


The information available on this site may only be reproduced on condition that the source is acknowledged. See the copyright notice Choose translations of the previous link .

Image and photo credits

Regarding all pictures used on this website, the European Commission either owns the copyright or has obtained the proper permission to use them from the owner(s) of the copyright. They can only be used on the EUROPA website. Reproduction or any other use of these pictures is not permitted.

Mobile access to this website

A mobile version of the Justice site on Europa is available. 

Access the mobile version:

Enter the standard url ( from your mobile phone or tablet and the mobile version will automatically be delivered to your device. The content will adapt to the appropriate screen size and orientation.  

What information does the mobile version contain?

The mobile version contains the same information as the desktop site, including news, events information, funding opportunities, documents, etc. The content is, however, delivered in a “light” presentation more appropriate to smaller screen sizes and to the mobile technological environment.

Which devices can access the mobile version?

The mobile site is optimised for the most common modern smartphones and tablets. It may not be usable on older mobile phones.

What is the difference between the mobile and the desktop versions?

  • The mobile version contains few images and avoids heavy data download demands which can slow access from mobile devices and increase data costs for users.
  • Menus and navigation are adapted for mobile devices. Certain other features are also modified to allow for more comfortable use in a mobile environment.
  • Where links lead to sites outside the Justice website, the user will be taken to a standard desktop version unless that site is also adapted for automatic mobile delivery.
  • Documents can be downloaded according to download options of the device used.