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IMI – a flexible information system to support the implementation of EU legislation

16 December 2013

Illustration showing a man viewing his computer monitor which is surrounded by various speech bubbles containing contact persons - ©Fotolia Use of the Internal Market Information system, IMI, continues to grow. The number of information requests sent from one Public Administration to another via IMI has increased by 38% this year alone. More than 25% of requests are answered within one day. Currently some 7,300 authorities and 14,000 users are registered.  Read more

EC makes 1000+ IT specifications available for re-use

28 January 2013

News Increased interoperability and decreased IT development costs for Public Sector expected.  Read more

Belgium adopts European Commission system for e-Invoicing

17 January 2013

News Major cost savings for administration and suppliers expected  Read more

joinup portal welcomes 10.000th user

21 November 2012

News The joinup portal, established with the support of the ISA programme, offers a one stop shop for the sharing and re-use of interoperability assets and of best practices for public administrations. So far, the platform has made available more than 4000 open source software and 500 freely re-usable assets, including vocabularies, code-lists or taxonomies. Since its launch in 2011 joinup has been steadily growing in popularity. The portal, which has just welcomed the 10.000th user, currently receives more than 60.000 visits per month and is hosting some 130 online communities. Joinup benefits different groups within public administrations. Policy makers can use Joinup to learn more about what other public administrations are doing. Software developers find common solutions already implemented by other administrations. Business managers and project managers use Joinup to discuss and collaborate with others on best practices in interoperability assets. For further info click here  Read more


22 October 2012

News GOV.UK - new eGov website for the UK online!  Read more

New open data portal for Germany

22 October 2012

News New open data portal for Germany  Read more

Information on 28.000 Greek companies now available as linked open data

22 October 2012

News Using the work of the ISA programme, a Greek university has just published linked and open data on some 28000 companies registered in the Greek Tax Authorities business registry.  Read more

Commission offers own servers to help get first European citizens' initiatives off the ground

20 July 2012

Illustration showing multiple hands raising topped by dialogue boxes - ©Fotolia The Commission now offers organisers to exceptionally host their online signature collection systems on its own servers.  Read more

Conference on Semantic interoperability

10 June 2012

News Conference on Semantic interoperability fully booked!  Read more

Highlights of the Workshop on Semantic Assets Repositories

26 March 2012

Highlights of the Workshop on Semantic Assets Repositories The first Workshop of the Community of European Semantic Assets Repositories (CESAR) attracted more than 50 participants from all over Europe. The workshop took place in Brussels on 7 March 2012 and was organised by the programme Interoperability Solutions for European Public Administrations (ISA Programme) of the European Commission.  Read more

New NIFO factsheets published on Joinup collaboration platform

07 March 2012

News A renewed comparison of the policies and activities on interoperability in most of the EU 27 Member States, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland resulted in a series of factsheets that highlight the status of their interoperability policies and their alignment with the European Interoperability Framework. The updated factsheets are now available on the Joinup collaborative platform.  Read more

Public invited to provide input on the important steps towards improving interoperability across Europe

17 February 2012

News The European Commission seeks comments on three fundamental data entities.  Read more

Commission launches European Citizens' Initiative

09 February 2012

Illustration showing multiple hands raising topped by dialogue boxes - ©Fotolia Development community to add social networking and mobile applications The European Commission's ISA programme (Interoperability Solutions for European Public Administrations) will welcome open source software (OSS) developers to add social networking and create mobile applications for its OCS (OnLine Collection Software). This tool plays an important role in the Commission's European Citizens’ Initiative, which was launched officially on 26 January 2012.  Read more

ADMS Public Review is launched: First step towards a federation of semantic asset repositories in Europe

16 January 2012

news The ISA programme of the European Commission launched the public review of the Asset Description Metadata Schema (ADMS) on 6 January 2012 the review will end on 6 February 2012 (inclusive).  Read more

EC workshop in Granada on power of open source development communities

05 January 2012

news Live webstreaming The European Commission's ISA programme (Interoperability Solutions for European Public Administrations) is organising a workshop on the opportunities and challenges of public administrations working with communities of open source software developers, on 12 January in Granada, Spain. The workshop brings together twelve speakers, some with close ties to open source communities and others government representatives involved in the development of this type of software.  Read more

EU conference to tackle ‘borderless’ eGovernment services

04 November 2011

egov logo ‘Borderless eGovernment Services for Europeans’ will be the focus of the 6th European Ministerial eGovernment Conference, taking place on 17-18 November in Poznan, Poland. The conference is one of the major events of the current six-month Polish EU Presidency.  Read more

New ISA Collaborative Platform set for launch

25 July 2011

news The and portals will merge soon into the new ISA Collaborative Platform – – to offer users a single integrated platform with an enhanced range of value-added services.  Read more