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e-Procurement: New open source tool to manage the e-submission of tenders


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To accelerate the adoption of electronic procurement across the Member States, the ISA programme is supporting the development of the open source tool e-PRIOR.

Post-award tools, e.g. for e-Ordering and e-Invoicing, have already been successfully developed and implemented inside the European Commission for some time.

With the latest development of an e-Submission solution, e-PRIOR now also provides a solution for the pre-award cycle. The new release includes tools allowing economic operators to prepare and submit tenders for a published call for tender, and contracting authorities to receive and handle such electronic tenders.

The system, which is available to Public administrations for free, can be integrated with any e-Access solution that the contracting authority uses to publish the call for tender, provided that it complies with the specifications of the interface. The e-Submission solution is currently being adapted for other types of procedures, i.e. two-step procedures such as restricted and negotiated procedures, and calls for an expression of interest. The long-term goal of e-PRIOR is to provide an end-to-end e-procurement solution.

Any interested party can contribute to the e-PRIOR project by building other components and customising the platform for any specific needs. The Belgian federal government will start using the e-Invoicing module from this year on.

All e-PRIOR modules can be downloaded at

More details can be found in the Release notes and the e-Library section of e-PRIOR.

For further information, please visit the respective forums, or contact