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New application of the EC’s Internal Market Information System (IMI) available to Member States

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The IMI system, developed by the European Commission in close cooperation with the Member States, helps national, regional and local authorities to identify and communicate with authorities in other EU Member States. Until now the IMI tool has covered the exchange of information regarding the free movement of citizens and businesses.

With the latest release of IMI, the tool is in addition available to public administrations for the use of SOLVIT. SOLVIT is an on-line problem solving network in which EU Member States work together to solve, without legal proceedings, problems caused by the misapplication of Internal Market law by public authorities. Every European Union Member State has a SOLVIT centre. These centres help handling complaints from both citizens and businesses. They are part of the national administration and are committed to providing real solutions to problems within ten weeks. The services provided by SOLVIT are free of charge.

The previous software solution of SOLVIT has now been integrated into the latest release of the IMI system. This way SOLVIT users can benefit from the advantages of IMI, namely its technology (Java EE, ExtJS) and the reusability of a system that is already familiar to them. The move moreover contributes to the IT rationalisation exercise of the Commission which is aiming to reduce the number of information systems through re-use of existing systems.

The IMI system is popular with the Member States administrations. It has some 7000 registered authorities and more than 14000 users. The solutions for both SOLVIT and IMI have been developed with the support of the ISA programme and its predecessor programme IDABC.

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