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Information on 28.000 Greek companies now available as linked open data


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Using the work of the ISA programme, a Greek university has just published linked and open data on some 28000 companies registered in the Greek Tax Authorities business registry.

The information has been published by using the core business and core location vocabularies. These vocabularies have been drafted by the ISA Programme with the active participation of EU services and were agreed amongst the 27 EU Member to facilitate the seamless exchange of information between European public administrations.”

What is linked data?

Linked data is a promising method of publishing structured, machine-readable data on the Web so that it can be inter-connected, thus enriching its meaning and crow-sourcing improvements in quality. In this case, core business information has been linked to the location of companies with the goal to enable reuse in third party services and applications where core business data may be required. Obviously, the pilot deals only with non-confidential data, e.g. name and address. The example of the pilot could be also used by other countries that decide to publish their base registries information as open data. The recent announcement of the Danish government to open all registries related to location, business and personal data, and the decision of the Italian government to promote semantic interoperability with the use of linked data are prominent examples of this trend which attracts interest from a growing number of countries.

To browse the data served by the pilot, you may visit
For the time being the main part of the website is only available in Greek but the procedure applied is described in English.


The development team comprises of  Natasa Varitimou, student at the MSc in Information and Communication Technology Systems offered by the International Hellenic University, Nikos Loutas, Principal Advisor at PwC and Vassilios Peristeras, Programme Officer at EC ISA.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact:

Natasa Varitimou at and Nikos Loutas at