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New NIFO factsheets published on Joinup collaboration platform


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A renewed comparison of the policies and activities on interoperability in most of the EU 27 Member States, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland resulted in a series of factsheets that highlight the status of their interoperability policies and their alignment with the European Interoperability Framework. The updated factsheets are now available on the Joinup collaborative platform.

The factsheets are one of the first results of the National Interoperability Framework Observatory (NIFO). This is a project by the European Commission's ISA work programme (Interoperability Solutions for European public administrations). ISA aims to improve electronic cooperation between European public administrations.

The NIFO helps countries to align their interoperability frameworks with the one that they agreed on with the European Commission, the European Interoperability Framework (EIF). This is done using a model made to analyse, compare and show the gaps between the different aspects of the national frameworks and the EIF.

The European countries, in the Digital Agenda for Europe, agreed to apply the EIF by 2013. In practice this means that the countries will need to align their practices with the EIF by including the principles of the EIF into their own national frameworks. NIFO assists Member States in achieving this alignment.

ISA's NIFO evaluated all current interoperability initiatives in 29 countries. Seventeen countries have already developed a National Interoperability Framework (NIF) and these were compared to the EIF in detail. An analytical model allows the comparison of the different aspects of the national frameworks.

For the other countries a high level analysis was carried out. The analysis of these interoperability initiatives resulted in factsheets, which give a high-level abstract of the NIF of each country. It shows how aligned they are with the EIF. They also allow public administrations to learn from each other, show alternative approaches and potential ways to improve the NIFs.

The factsheets contain the following elements:

  • An overview of the MS main activities on interoperability
  • A summary of the NIF
  • An overview of the alignment of the NIF with the EIF
  • An overview of other initiatives on interoperability.

ISA's NIFO project ensure that these factsheets are updated regularly. Those interested in the documents and the interoperability policies can help keep the up to date by taking part in the NIFO Observatory, one of the communities on ISA's Joinup collaboration platform.

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