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joinup portal welcomes 10.000th user


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The joinup portal, established with the support of the ISA programme, offers a one stop shop for the sharing and re-use of interoperability assets and of best practices for public administrations.

So far, the platform has made available more than 4000 open source software and 500 freely re-usable assets, including vocabularies, code-lists or taxonomies.

Since its launch in 2011 joinup has been steadily growing in popularity. The portal, which has just welcomed the 10.000th user, currently receives more than 60.000 visits per month and is hosting some 130 online communities.

Joinup benefits different groups within public administrations. Policy makers can use Joinup to learn more about what other public administrations are doing. Software developers find common solutions already implemented by other administrations. Business managers and project managers use Joinup to discuss and collaborate with others on best practices in interoperability assets.

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