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EC workshop in Granada on power of open source development communities


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The European Commission's ISA programme (Interoperability Solutions for European Public Administrations) is organising a workshop on the opportunities and challenges of public administrations working with communities of open source software developers, on 12 January in Granada, Spain. The workshop brings together twelve speakers, some with close ties to open source communities and others government representatives involved in the development of this type of software.

The workshop coincides with the Open Source World Conference (OSWC), organised by the administration of Spain's autonomous region of Andalucia, which takes place the next day in the same venue.

The EC's workshop programme is divided in three. The first session involves two well-connected developers of open source software, Gnome developer Dave Neary and Simon Phipps, director of the Open Source initiative. They will discuss with Miquel Jague Barbero, director of Cenatic, the Spanish government's resource centre on open source, and Karel De Vriendt, the former head of unit at ISA, retired in December.

The second session will showcase three pan-European open source software development projects, the Joinup collaboration platform on open source and semantic assets, the ePrior e-procurement platform and the European Citizens' Initiative, an instrument for public participation in shaping European Union policy.

Practical examples of public administration projects involving open source communities make up the third session, with presentations on the Frikomport elearning portal in Norway, OpenStreetMap, presented by Gaël Musquet, president of OpenStreetMap France, the Swiss document management system forthe Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland, OpenJustitia, presented by Matthias Stürmer, and a recent study on open source communities by Cenatic.

The workshop is open to the public. Those interested to attend, should put a tick mark on the registration form on the OSWC website.


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