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SEMIC 2012 Conference: presentations online


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The SEMIC 2012 conference, organised by ISA on 18 June in Brussels, has just demonstrated the growing European-wide interest in the topic of Semantic interoperability. The conference attracted 140 participants which represents a 60% increase compared to last year’s edition. Attendees came from 35 different countries with some 48% of participants working in the public sector, 28% in the private sector, 12% in academics and 6% in non-profit organisations.

SEMIC 2012 thus offered a unique opportunity to explore and discuss how semantic interoperability solutions are being embraced by e-Government initiatives. The keynote speakers of the conference were Jeanne Holm (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and evangelist) and Anthony Hoang (Programme manager of the US-National Information Exchange Model). In total some 20 speakers from public, private and the research sectors shared their views and experiences on how Semantic interoperability will increase the efficiency of European Public administrations in the future.

Declan Deasy, Director of the Directorate “Information systems and Interoperability solutions” of DG Informatics at the European Commission summed up: “There is a need to start preparing the next generation of mission critical systems, aimed at long term sustainability. The architecture of these systems should be interoperable and open. Semantic thinking should be in their heart.”

The conference highlights and all slides are now available for download on the SEMIC 2012 event page.

The next steps by ISA will be to support the implementation of the Core Vocabularies and ADMS specifications - which were recently endorsed by the EU Member States - both and at national and at EU level.