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AT - Open Data portal on the rise


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In April of this year, Austria launched its Open Data portal with some 280 data sets in 12 thematic categories, provided by nine different government entities and public sector bodies. In the meantime more than 500 data sets have been made available by the Austrian Public Administration and three more entities are contributing.

The offer attracts developers to combine the available data into new applications that can benefit society. More than 60 apps have been submitted based on the data published so far, by both individuals and private companies. The apps developed on these data sets cover topics as diverse as maps that indicate the nearest taxi station, musea or even defibrillators in Vienna, a visualization of current ozone levels all over Austria or provide real-time information on public transport in the city of Linz.

The portal provides data from the national, regional and local level. Continuously new data sets are made available.

The European Commission plans to launch the Beta-Version of its own Open Data Portal in short. The prototype for this portal has been developed with the support of the ISA programme.