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Downscale 2013 / Second International Workshop on Downscaling the Semantic Web

ISA participationVenue: Montpellier, France

How-to design Linked Data solutions that work also for the billions of people that do not have access to Internet, that is the question addressed by Downscale 2013. "We should keep everyone in mind when we design Linked Data platforms and aim at helping to reduce this digital divide", the organisers of this workshop write.

Topics to be discussed include 'off-line linked data synchronisation', 'low resource demanding triple stores' and 'application of the semantic web to disaster data management'.

Keynote presentation is by Martin Murillo, the IEEE's HTC Data Connectivity technical lead: "All Internet is not created the same: Challenges, best practices, and opportunities in data connectivity for remote areas of the world."

Following a morning of presentations, the organisers have freed-up the afternoon for hacking. They hope to implement semantic web enabled software using the toolkits of Sugar and SemanticXO, and to deploy the applications on limited hardware such as the XO laptop and other small hardware such as Sheevaplug.

Downscale 2013 is co-located with the 10th Extended Semantic Web conference, taking place in Montpellier from 26 to 30 May.