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IFIP eGOV 2013, Informatik 2013 & ePart 2013

ISA participationVenue: Koblenz, Germany
From 16/09/2013 to 20/09/2013

This year's eGov conference will be the twelfth annual meeting for those involved in electronic government. It is a confluence of three conferences, eGov 2013, Informatik 2013 and ePart 2013, bringing together the wide scientific research community and eGovernment experts.

All three conferences will be held at the University of Koblenz-Landau. Taken together, the conferences are expected to draw several hundreds of attendees.

eGov 2013

eGov 2013 will be the occasion to present the results of a study done for the United Nations, on measuring citizen engagement via ICT. The IFIP conference is organised by the IFIP Working Group on Information Systems in the Public Sector. Accepted papers will be published as conference proceedings.

Informatik 2013

The Informatik 2013 conference lists a schedule of no less than 42 workshops and discussions. This includes workshops on ‘Open Gov Data Standardisation’ and three that will cover current research on semantics.

ePart 2013

The third conference, ePart - an international conference on eParticipation, is organised for the fifth time this year. It scope covers the whole range of research in eParticipation, including online deliberation and discourse, eConsultation, ePolling, eLegislation, eElectioneering, eCampaigning, eVoting and social networking. Papers presented here will be published as conference proceedings.