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International LEX Summer School 2013

Venue: Ravenna, Italy
From 02/09/2013 to 07/09/2013

The LEX Summer School is a course on ICT standards for electronic documents dealing with legal texts, judiciary, parliaments and public administrations. It first introduces how to use XML technologies for drafting and managing such texts. The main course components involve the analysis on how to apply semantic web technologies to the domain of legal texts, modelling modifications, procedures and legal knowledge.

According to the organisers, the course will help attendees understand the impact of ICT standards and tools in the different phases of the legislative and administrative process. Participants will "develop knowledge, skills and capabilities in using and managing shared and interoperable standards for legislative documents, enabling access, communication, processing, modelling, representing and integration of legislation through IT technologies."


The summer school targets specialised public administrators, working for legislative bodies and involved in the making of software tools for editing electronic documents. LEX also targets "drafters of normative texts in the private sector, editors, publishers, documentalists dealing with legal sources, experts in the electronic management of legal texts, students and researchers working in legal informatics and legislation studies."

Fee & registration

Researchers and public administration experts that want to participate will need to pay a small fee. Please check the conference website for registration details and on the amount that is required for each of the Summer School components. The organisation offers discounts to students.