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Zukunftskongress Staat & Verwaltung 2013

Venue: Berlin, GERMANY
From 25/06/2013 to 26/06/2013

The Zukunftskongress Staat & Verwaltung 2013 (Future Conference State & Local Government 2013) aims to get "politicians, public administrations, businesses, scientists and representatives of civil society together to find answers to pressing questions of central and local government".

"How to organise governments, so they can analyse and resolve problems, in the age of globalisation and the Internet?", the organisers ask. They hope their two-day conference will contribute to ways for keeping governments service levels up, despite tight budgets. They also seek to provide models to allow public administrations, including their human resource organisation, to solve future problems.

One of the four conference themes, 'Structures, Processes & Services', will focus on electronic government topics. This includes 'Best practices for e-government', 'Networked government and intelligent networks' and 'Shared services'. Other topics ranked in this theme are 'Standards', 'Sharing and re-use', and 'Privacy and security'.

The entrance fee for the conference is € 650. The conference is aimed for those working for governments in Germany, in German speaking countries and beyond.