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Electronic Signature Interoperability Summit - "CommonSign Warsaw 2012"

Venue: Warsaw, Poland
From 25/10/2012 to 26/10/2012

"CommonSign Warsaw 2012" – Electronic Signature Interoperability Summit will be devoted to exchange of knowledge and experiences gained by Polish and foreign suppliers of electronic signature solutions. There will be presentations of their solutions, presentations and speeches on standardization in the area of electronic signature as well as a discussion on solutions and future of the e-signature technologies and interoperability. Members of public administration are widely expected on the conference, as the public administration is the main beneficiary of the electronic signature solutions.

The conference is planned to be divided into the following specialist sessions:

  1. Electronic signature in public administration
  2. Signature formats and their interoperability
  3. Cloud computing and electronic signature
  4. Legal environment of e-signature
  5. Experiences of electronic economy.

The event will consist of test part (including regular test set, test repeated due to poor results in 2011 and new tests) and related topical conference.

This event aims at construction of interoperability mechanisms of electronic signature on the level of mutual information exchange and cooperation between the interested parties. Both conference and tests are open for Polish and foreign providers of applications and services related to electronic signature.

After the event, all participants of conference and tests will receive a report that summarizes performed tests and entities participating in tests will receive certificates confirming their participation and test results for their applications.