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Samos Summit on Open Data and Interoperability for Governance, Industry and Society

ISA participationVenue: Samos, Greece
Organised by University of Aegean / Greek Interoperability Centre of National Technical University of Athens / ENGAGE eInfrastructures project (managed by European Commission) / ENSEMBLE Support Action
From 02/07/2012 to 04/07/2012

Open data provide an unprecedented opportunity for societies to move towards transparency, evidence-based decisions, enhanced cohesion, public engagement and trust. Public sector information may be offered as ”open data” in many forms and through different media: from simple datasets describing traffic or unemployment, to web services linking and mashing information from different sources, to interactive visualization of complex phenomena, to citizen-based data gathering and transmission. This way, new information is made available to scientists, citizens and enterprises for developing and offering value-adding services, thus forming a supply chain around publicly available open data. 

The Samos 2012 Summit on Open Data and Interoperability is co-organised by the University of Aegean, the Greek Interoperability Centre of the National Technical University of Athens, the ENGAGE eInfrastructures project (managed by European Commission) and the ENSEMBLE Support Action (under the auspices of the Future Internet Enterprise Systems cluster), in order to foster international cooperation and strive for a new research and practice agenda in open data, collaborative governance, enterprise interoperability and future internet systems.
With an emphasis on Open Data, Enterprise Interoperability and a new participative governance model for the public sector, the enterprise and within a connected, inclusive society, the Samos Summit will be a first-class opportunity to see, interact with and influence cutting-edge European ICT research projects and initiatives.
The Samos 2012 Summit on Open Data and Interoperability, aims at bringing together policy makers, industry representatives, research and academia to actively interact, share best practices and contribute in shaping the European Union  agenda.