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9th Scandinavian Workshop on E-government

Venue: Copenhagen, Denmark
Organised by Department of IT Management, Copenhagen Business School
From 09/02/2012 to 10/02/2012

The Scandinavian Workshop on E-government is a forum for discussing current e-government research issues. The workshop is dedicated to open discussions about the current status of e-government research and future directions. The focus is thus on informal discussion rather than on formal conference presentations.

The theme chosen for SWEG 2012 is “user-centric e-government”. With the diffusion of ICT in the public sector in countries across the world, and the widespread inclusion of digitalization in government strategic plans, it is now time for e-government research to shift its focus to the citizen role in e-government processes. The emergence of social media, the evolution of Web 2.0 platforms, together with rising expectations from citizens as users of digital services, highlight the need to adopt a user-centric view of e-government design, management, and implementation.


Agenda and Speakers

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