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ePractice Event: Transparency & Openness

Venue: Brussels, Belgium
Organised by European Dynamics, S.A.

This event will aim to address the subject of transparency and openness of governments relating to their interaction with citizens. Emerging technologies and services currently allow users to trace their personal data stored by public administrations. Technology acts as an enabler for users who can check who accesses their administrative files thus giving them an insight in the process of decision making; one of the most demanded eGovernment services.

Some Member States have set transparency targets. The EU eGovernment Action Plan states that Member States will work towards setting voluntary transparency transparency targets at EU level and exchange experiences.

This event will also contribute towards these aims. Redesigning governance and promoting public understanding and participation in government activities will be among the potential topics of the event. Presentations that aim to showcase specific good eGovernment practices promoting greater government accountability and transparency, and electronic services that provide cost-effective means are also welcome. Potential benefits and barriers to ICT-enabled transparency efforts will also be discussed. The presentations will focus on practical examples and case studies of implemented transparency practices and the impact of current experiences in the field of eGovernment and citizen life.


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Speakers / Audience

This is an open event intended for policy-makers and practitioners interested in “Transparency and Openness” at European, national and local levels and anyone interested in the area of public administrations as well as businesses and/or citizens who interact with them: eGovernment project implementers; stakeholders in FP6 and FP7 research projects; researchers; businesses; European Commission officers; ePractice members etc.