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National eID and ePassport conference

Venue: Istanbul, Turkey
Organised by Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
From 24/10/2011 to 25/10/2011

The follow-up conference to very successful previous editions in Lisbon 2009 and Athens 2010, will continue to focus on recent developments in different countries across the Globe and new major political initiatives both nationally and from the European Commission.

Over 80% of the European Union Member States and ICAO Countries have introduced or are in the process of introducing biometric-based ID documents or are at least considering doing so. The trend towards this form of technology is becoming ever more apparent and numerous countries in all the World continents are taking clear steps in this direction.

Such a revolution (based on PKI, digital identity and biometrics) paves the way to a broader (and more secure) usage of these documents far beyond its initial purposes. In the Internet as in the physical world - the trend is a move towards nationally issued ID documents that can be used in an international application context (the use of PKI and biometrics is expected to enhance security by making it easier to link the eDocument with the rightful owner).

With this in mind, MULTICERT, PrimeKey Solutions, Nerd and Proline, under the wings of the Turkish Foreign Ministry, proceed to organize the 3rd edition of National eID & ePassport Conference.


Monday 24 October
Welcome and Keynote speeches
Panel discussions on Global Citizenship, and eSignature

Panel discussions on case studies on eID, Best Practice examples, and ePayments

Gala dinner

Tuesday 25 October
Welcome and Keynote speeches
Panel discussions on Governmental Applications, and ePassport

Panel discussions on non-Governmental Applications, Passport and Border control processes, Best practices, and mobile ID

Cocktail Party


Konstantin Papaxanthis, Chairman of National eID & ePassport Organization  

José Miranda, Vice-Chairman of National eID & ePassport Organization  

H. Avni Aksoy, Director Communication Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Turkey

Eric Billiaert, Corporate Marketing & Communication Director, Public Sector, Gemalto

Leyla Keser, PhD, Director and Assistant Professor at ─░stanbul Bilgi University, IT Law Institute

Admir Abdurahmanovic, Business Development Director PrimeKey Solutions

Metin Özkan, CEO e-Imza

Mehmet Doganyigit, CEO Proline

Hüseyin Kuran, CEO eTugra