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Bringing together the eGovernment platforms

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Integrated Collaborative platform – Joinup

When is this action of interest to you?

You would like to set up your own national collaborative platform and catalogue of reusable IT solutions providing similar services to those of The platform is freely available as open source software.


What can we offer you?

We provide freely reusable software under an open source licence, limited support to help you set up your collaborative platform with services similar to those of and the possibility to participate in our development work and contribute to the further enhancement of Joinup.

What is this action about?

Developing and providing a common technical platform offering a set of services which are used by many other ISA-funded actions. These services facilitate the exchange of best practices in different domains related to the public sector and the sharing and reuse of IT solutions developed for the public administrations. Some of the services offered include a central searchable repository; a rich content management system supporting the creation of blogs, news items, newsletters, case studies and events; and a user management system that makes it easy to create and manage communities and users with specific roles.

Joinup is already used in many projects to help the participants achieve their objectives by allowing them to focus on their goals rather than having to deal with setting up a supporting infrastructure.

Action 1.1: Promoting semantic interoperability uses the facilities of Joinup to share common semantic assets, such as the Core Vocabularies, with other public administrations. The action also uses the platform to reach out to relevant communities of public administrations.

A number of ISA actions — such as 1.7: ePrior, 1.8: Trusted information exchange platform, 1.17: ARE3NA, 2.5: CIRCABC and 2.6: EUSurvey — use the the platform to share the solutions they have developed with other users under an OSS licence. Action 4.2.3: National Interoperability Framework Observatory uses Joinup to monitor the alignment of national interoperability frameworks with the European Interoperability Framework and to provide support to Member States in this exercise. Finally, action 4.2.4: European Federated Interoperability Repository uses the facilities of Joinup to make the IT solutions (semantic assets, software solutions, legal and organisational interoperability assets) offered by national and regional repositories searchable and re-usable from a central repository.

Having an integrated platform enables the EU Commission to offer users better, integrated services, including common user authentication, coverage of topics that relate to multiple domains, and more user-friendly service provision for all the content, regardless of the domain.

What are the objectives?

  • More efficient interaction between currently separate communities by providing a central location for collaboration;
  • Facilitating searches for end-users by providing one central location to search for software and semantic assets stored in national catalogues;
  • Reducing the overall accompanying cost by providing a common platform that can be used by many ISA actions and other initiatives run by the EU Commission.


What are the benefits?

  • Reducing costs through reuse of common packages integrated into a single hardware and software infrastructure and operated by a single technical service team.
  • European Commission services
  • Improving communication and collaboration on common projects, sharing ideas, code and implementations with public administrations.
  • Member States’ public administrations

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