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Interoperability architecture

The Interoperability architecture cluster aims to further align cross-border and cross-sector IT infrastructures that are already available. Creating an interoperability architecture cannot be done overnight. It requires solid, long-term planning and communication. Developments need to take into account the impact on all transactions between the systems involved.

The cluster addresses a broad range of activities:

  • Agreeing upon common architecture guidelines
  • Creating the architecture itself
  • Supporting the maintenance of the architecture
  • Identifying and developing common building blocks.

Towards a European Interoperability Architecture

Digital microcircuitElaboration of a common vision for a European Interoperability Architecture – EIA

Action 2.1

Achieving a modern ICT standardisation policy

Best Internet Concept of global business from concepts seriesCAMSS - Common Assessment Method Standards and Specifications

Action 2.2

Towards secure digital communication across networks

keyboard buttons-accessPublic Key Infrastructure (PKI) Services

Action 2.3

Strengthening the EU’s telecommunications backbone

Source codeData communication network service – sTESTA

Action 2.4

Continual support and service improvements for online communities

Abstract Background VectorCIRCABC – Communication and Information Resource Centre for Administrations, Businesses and Citizens

Action 2.5

Help and advice on living, working and travelling in the EU

mouseYour Europe – facilitating the reuse of national content

Action 2.7

Machine Translation Service

translate keyMT@EC - Machine Translation Service by the European Commission

Action 2.8

Towards the full digitisation of EU document exchange

laptops connectedDocument repository services for EU policy support

Action 2.9

Towards better crisis and business continuity management

managment meetingMultisectorial crisis and business continuity services

Action 2.10

Supporting EU-wide cross-border accessibility and interoperability

World communication via internetIntegrating EU eProcurement infrastructure

Action 2.11

Bringing cross-border interoperability to healthcare

A laptop computer and a stethoscope together, meant to convey the concept of the universal electronic medical record.eHealth European Interoperability Framework

Action 2.12