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Bringing cross-border interoperability to healthcare



eHealth European Interoperability Framework

When is this action of interest to you?

You are a developer of eHealth systems. You would like to know with which standards and profiles your system should be compliant when deploying in different regions and member states of the EU.

You are a purchaser of eHealth solutions, and you would like to specify in your tendering procedure the eHealth systems you want to purchase in order for them to be interoperable.

You are a regional or national authority planning the deployment of eHealth systems and you want to create an interoperability framework enabling the provision of cross border services.

The eHealth European Interoperability Framework will meet your needs.

What is this action about?

Healthcare systems are increasingly dependent on information and communication to deliver high-quality care to European patients.

While eHealth tools and services are now widespread and have been revolutionising the healthcare sector in recent years, all too often health authorities, hospitals, or doctors have selected and implemented their own individual systems.

Ensuring that these systems are able to communicate with each other would offer significant benefits in healthcare across the EU.

This action will contribute to the development of an appropriate EU-wide framework for standards, interoperability testing, and certification of eHealth systems.

It should help elaborate a joint vision on interoperability architecture related to eHealth and provide guidance on architecture domains where EU Member States share a common interest.

The action should build on the many relevant elements that have been developed by existing EU Commission-funded eHealth projects such as epSOS, CALLIOPE, HITCH, eHR-QTN, NetC@rds, Antilope, SemanticHealth, SmartPersonalHealth and also more horizontal projects such as STORK or e-SENS.

What are the objectives?

  • Ensuring that eHealth systems across the EU are able to communicate with each other
  • Contributing to the negotiation and development of a European Interoperability Framework for eHealth, which defines a common set of standards, profiles and procedures relevant to the electronic provision of healthcare services

What are the benefits?

  • Improving guidance and coordination efforts to build national and international interoperable eHealth infrastructure.
  • Providing support to Member States and relevant players to deploy interoperable, cross-border eHealth services in a sustainable way.
  • Allowing possibility to provide and receive cross-border healthcare services.
  • Enhancing patient safety and continuity of care.
Project core data
  • Project start/finish:
    Q3/2011 to Q4/2012
  • Parties involved: European Commission (DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology; DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs)
  • ISA contribution: EUR 400 000
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Contact the Programme Manager - ISA Action 21200

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