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Tenders and Grants

The European Commission publishes a wide range of Calls for Proposals each year. The Calls seek proposals for projects from different institutions, NGOs, civil society groups and individuals concerned with the different policy areas of the European Union. Funding is made available for proposals that satisfy the necessary conditions. Click here for a Guide to Doing Business with the European Commission (Tips for potential contractors).

Further information on Public Procurement - Calls for Tender can be found on the TED database.

e-Certis logoIn October 2010, the European Commission launched the e-CERTIS data base, a free, web-based tool to help companies and contracting organisations cope with the documentation demands encountered when tendering for public contracts in the EU. This includes:

-    different documents required when tendering for a public contract in another country;

-    certificates most frequently requested in procurement procedures across the EU to understand what information is being requested/provided and identify mutually acceptable equivalents.

Further information on e-Certis is available here.

Links are provided below to webpages giving information about grants available in the Commission's different policy areas in addition to calls for proposals:

Calls for proposals under the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research

Logo for the Seventh Framework Programme for ResearchAs part of a €10.8 billion budget for research and innovation agreed for 2013, the European Commission announced on 9 July an €8.1 billion package of calls for proposals under the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research (FP7). This is the final and largest ever package of FP7 calls, and is an important part of the Commission’s commitment to work for growth and jobs in Europe.

The budget and work programme are agreed in 2012 and funding will be awarded in 2013 – closing dates for proposals from September 2012.

The calls address key concerns faced by Europeans where action at EU level is essential.

  • €4.8 billion will be invested in thematic areas, with specific priorities to preserve oceans and water, better use of raw materials, efficient energy, promote efficiency in the processing of biological resources, develop smart cities and tackle issues such as public sector reform, brain research and anti-microbial resistance.
  • Making Europe a destination for world-class researchers is another key priority. The European Research Council will invest over €1.7 billion in the best researchers and additional €963 million will support mobility through “Marie Curie Actions”.
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises, recognised as vital for innovation, are given special incentives to participate with a total package of €1.2 billion.

Further information is available here.


Call for proposals to support information campaigns in the field of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

The European Commission has launched a Call for Proposals to support information campaigns in the field of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

The priority topic for this call for proposals will be the CAP in general, and the proposed reforms of the policy, in particular.

The total amount for all actions is EUR 3,000,000. The minimum and maximum amounts per action are respectively EUR 100,000 and EUR 500,000 with a co-finance rate of up to 50% or up to 75% for information campaigns of exceptional interest.

The deadline for submission of requests is 31 October 2012.

See here for further information.


European Commission: Grants of the European Union


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