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Info for Journalists - Reporting from Ireland

Reporting on the European Union from home can at times be challenging given distance, language, institutional setup and the complexity of legislation. This is a quick reference for journalists to get the information that they need quickly.

We have also included some cultural, sporting and social links in this document to enable you to report on more than just the EU in Brussels if you want.

Information on the role of the European Commission Representation in Ireland's Press Office and contact details for the press team is available here.

At the beginning of every month, the Press Office in Dublin issues a list of all the upcoming events. These are key dates in the Commission, Council and Parliament when meetings happen, policy is released or other key decisions are due to be made. The timing of these dates can be changed so check with the Press Office of the European Commission in Ireland for developments. See here msw8 - 224 KB [224 KB] for the Advance News Agenda for July 2015.

Core websites

European Union                              

Europa is the main website for everything that happens in the EU. This covers the European Parliament, European Commission and European Council.

Navigating your way through EUROPA                 

There are more then 17,000,000 pages on Europa. This makes it one of the largest websites in the world.  While there are internal search functions available, it is sometimes easier to negotiate through search engines like Google.

Tip: If you include "" this will restrict all your search results.

The European Journalism Centre in Brussels has a specialised search engine This is a helpful tool to get accurate search results.


Screengrab from the European Commission's homepageEuropean Commission                               

The European Commission has its own section within Europa.

Directorates General are the different parts of the Commission that deal with policy. They are a bit like government departments and are headed by a Commissioner. They cover areas like Environment, Competition and Regional Policy.

You can access various policy areas from this webpage:


Spokespersons' Service in Brussels

If you want an interview on a particular issue there is a spokesperson for each policy area. You can find out who they are and their phone numbers from the link above.

Daily Press Releases RAPID

RAPID is the daily service that provides press releases and background information on the latest EU Commission press releases across the 27 DGs. This is updated daily at midday (after the EU Commission's daily press conference) throughout the week.


Guide for Journalists of the Directorate-General for Communication of the European Commission

This guide was produced to help newcomers to the Brussels press corps find their way around. It introduces the departments, the people who work there, and lists the services the Commission provides. Many of these links are also included in other sections of this document.


Press accreditation to the European Commission

To gain accreditation to attend European Commission press conferences and events in Brussels follow the link above.


European Commission Representation in Ireland Press Office

Screengrab of the homepage of the EC Representation in IrelandThe EU Commission Representation in Ireland is based in Dublin and can answer a lot of your questions.

The Press Office can provide you with information that is immediately relevant to Ireland and your area.

Head of Press: Ruth Deasy
Tel: 01 634 1120

Press Officer: Ciara Eustace
Tel: 01 634 1118

Research Liaison Officer: Alicia O'Rourke
Tel: 01 634 1111
E-mail: alicia.o'rourke@ec.europa.

Web Editor and Assistant to Head of Press: Grainne Galvin
Tel: 01 634 1131

Assistant to Press Section: Olivia Crinion
Tel: 01 634 1180

Weekly newsletter of the European Commission Representation in Ireland

Newsletter logo

The European Commission Representation in Dublin issues a weekly newsletter on upcoming events at the Representation and new policy developments. You can subscribe to this email by writing to Grainne Galvin at the Representation.

Planning Ahead - Advance News Agenda

Screengrab of the Advanced News AgendaAt the beginning of every month, the Press Office in Dublin issues a list of all the upcoming events. These are key dates in the Commission, Council and Parliament when meetings happen, policy is released or other key decisions are due to be made. The timing of these dates can be changed so check with the Press Office of the European Commission in Ireland for developments.

See here msw8 - 224 KB [224 KB] for the Advance News Agenda for July 2015.


Radio EC

Screengrab from the European Commission Radio Reports homepage

News interviews are recorded with Commissioners and spokespersons and edited into news-length sound bites. A lead-in script, together with a story synopsis, list of interviewees, duration and out-words are posted onto this site for download and use by radio stations within the Republic of Ireland.

This is being managed by an external contractor called Quadrant.

Radio stations can also request a specific interview to be recorded and fed to them, or a live 2-way, by contacting:

Ken Murray


European Commission Audiovisual Service

Screengrab from the Audiovisual Service hompage

This website provides free movie clips, audio files and photos for journalists to use as they choose. Users must first register to use the footage and are provided with a login and password. This takes about 20 seconds to get.

Footage includes the daily press conference, interviews with Commission personalities on daily events, and briefings on key events.

For information on the top events covered by EbS (Europe by Satellite), the best video clips and photos of the previous week as well as top events on the EU Calendar for the coming week please consult the Audio Visual Service's weekly bulletin.

Broadcasting live from the European Commission

Studio in the Commission The European Commission has professional TV and Radio studios that are available free of charge from our offices in Brussel

You can find out how to book these by contacting them directly at:

Tel: 00 32 2 295 21 23
Audiovisual Planning office
Berlaymont -1/ME23
B - 1049 Brussels

These are also available from the European Parliament at the following link.

These are also available from the Council at the following link.


European Parliament Office Dublin

Screengrab from the website of the European Parliament Office in Dublin

The European Parliament's Office in Dublin can organise interviews with MEPs, and provides information on European Parliament decisions.

European Parliament Information Office in Ireland
43 Molesworth Street
Dublin 2
Tel: 01 605 7900

Breaking News from the European Parliament

European Parliament News

Each month the Friday before EP plenary sessions take pace in Strasbourg the Office in Dublin issues a Newsletter with information on items for discussion on the Parliament's agenda. For more information see:

Ireland's MEPs

For information on Ireland's 12 MEPs, the following page provides links to their personal websites for the latest information on policy and decisions they are involved with.


Other official sources

Permanent Representation of the Irish Government to the EU

Ireland is represented in Brussels by the Permanent Representation. This office is Ireland's eyes and ears in Brussels and works with all the European Union bodies in drafting legislation and policy.

Press officer: Marcella Smyth
50 Rue Froissart,
B-1040 Brussels
Tel: 00-32-2-282-3318

Screengrab from the website of the Department of Foreign AffairsDepartment of Foreign Affairs

The Department of Foreign Affairs is the principle Government Department that deals with the European Institutions in the European Council. However nearly all Government departments work with the European Institutions.

Press Office Contact:
80 St. Stephen's Green
Dublin 2
Tel: 01 4780822

Screengrab from the Council of the European Union's homepageCouncil of the European Union (Council of Ministers)

The Council is the main decision-making body of the European Union. The government ministers of the Member States meet regularly to set the direction of EU policy. Depending on the issue on the agenda, each country will be represented by the minister responsible for that subject (foreign affairs, finance, social affairs, transport, agriculture, etc.).

The Presidency of the Council is held for six months by a different Member State on a rotational basis. Currently Greece holds the presidency until 31 July 2014:

Council of the European Union- General Secretariat
Justus Lipsius Building,
Press Office,
Rue de la Loi, 175,
B-1048 Brussels
Tel: 00 32 2 281 63 19

Screengrab from the Irish Regions Office homepageThe Irish Regions Office

The Irish Regions Office was established as a Brussels-based resource for the Irish members of the Committee of the Regions (CoR) and their regional authorities. They have a lot of information on grants and funding.

Programmes & Communications Officer
Ronan Gingles
Irish Regions Office
2nd floor
Rond-Point Schuman, 11
B-1040 Brussels 
Tel: 00 32 2 230 0820

Screengrab from the European Consumer Centre's webpageEuropean Consumer Centre

ECC Ireland offers advice on consumer rights when buying goods or services in another European country. They also mediate directly with a trader in another European country if a consumer needs help.

Manager: Ann Neville
European Consumer Centre,
13A Upper O'Connell Street,
Dublin 1
Tel: 01 809 0600 / 087 940 9760

Screengrab from the European Curt of Justice homepageEuropean Court of Justice

This is the highest Court in the EU and ensures compliance with the law in the interpretation and application of the founding Treaties. Website includes press releases on judicial proceedings and judgements.

Court of Justice of the European Communities
L-2925 Luxembourg
Tel: 00 352 4303 1000


Cultural Links in Belgium

Irish Club of Belgium

Belgium Hurling & Camogie Website

FC Irlande Irish Soccer Sports League

Brussels Celtic Rugby Club 

Anam Beo -the first Irish language newspaper in Brussels
Managing Editor Denis J.G.F. Vaughan Buckley 

Leuven Institute for the Ireland in Europe (Irish College)

Directory of Irish pubs in Belgium

Claddagh Toastmasters
Multilingual (10 languages) meetings
Maureen Delaney 

Shantalla is a band that is based in Belgium, but all the musicians hail from Ireland and Scotland.

Irish in Continental Europe

News and Information for the International Community living in Belgium

Irish Theatre Group, Brussels


Other web-based tools

Unoffical EU information website. Up-to-the-minute articles and debates on a wide-range of issues.                                                             

TV channel dedicated to debate on European issues coming from the European Parliament. Plenary sessions broadcast live.


Youtube channel dedicated to European Union initiatives and development.

Screengrab from the European Commissioners' blogs webpageBlogs of the European Commissioners

Seven Commissioners blog on a regular basis. This provides the reader with a more personalised view of policy and their work.

European Commission Representation in Ireland on Twitter


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