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Feedback on schools visits
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12/03/2010 00:00:00

    "Very good. Timing of the presentation was perfect - not long or too short"
     –Transition Year group, Louth; February 2010

    "Presentation was informative and interesting"
    – Transition Year group, Monaghan; February 2010

    "The presentation was very appropriate to age level of children, the DVD was excellent, and the quiz was very relevant. The visit to European centre was excellent, informative"
    – Primary school group, Dublin; February 2010

    "The DVD was very geared towards teenagers. Very informative morning, good interaction with students. Many thanks."
    – Transition Year group, Dublin; February 2010

    "Very clear and insightful presentation. DVD was very clear and up-to-date. The quiz gets students actively involved and thinking! Some challenging questions, not too easy, which is good. I think that you provide an excellent service. Thank you."
    – Sixth Year group, Dublin; January 2010

    "Good, spoke in very down-to-earth manner – easy for students to relate – no jargon!!"
    – Transition Year group, Longford; December 2009

    "I found it excellent. I have been before many times. I originally heard about it from a colleague."
    – Junior Cert group, Dublin; December 2009

    "An excellent DVD which covered all areas I would like to cover in TY European Studies, i.e. historical background, benefits of the EU, Ireland's involvement; very informative and easy to watch. The quiz was very good, challenging and interesting.
    – Transition Year group, Dublin; November 2009

    "The presentation was very informative. The DVD was not too long. The students engaged well with the quizmaster. Friendly ambiance."
    – Transition Year group, Dublin; November 2009

    "The DVD was beautifully put together. Totally up-to-date. Good clear Irish in use. Some questions in the quiz were difficult for a First Year group. I loved the questions i.e. Rubik's Cube thrown in – and money!"
    – First Year group, Dublin; November 2009

    "The DVD was very good, covered all issues, topics etc. Just long enough, kept the students' attention, aimed at good level - Transition Year students. The DVD was very relevant. Leaving Cert Geography students would find it relevant to their study of regional geography. The quiz gets the students thinking about Europe – may be more curious about Europe in the future."
    – Transition Year and Fifth Year group, Dublin; November 2009

    "The presentation was well pitched, and the students engaged with the content. The publications and maps on display in the foyer are informative and user-friendly. They are well presented and are suited to a range of audiences."
    – Third level group, Limerick, October 2009

    "The presentation provided a good overall view of the EU. Very good Q&A session. The DVD was very accessible. More detail on the new Member States and the candidate countries should be helpful. There was a good mix of different types of questions in the quiz."
    – Transition Year group, Dublin; October 2009


    "The duration of the presentation was just right. The level of detail and jargon was perfect for this group. I thought the quiz was excellent. Perhaps it may have been a little difficult for this age group. However, I think they enjoyed it and it challenged all students and led to good discussion. I think you offer a very good service. Thank you for a lovely visit."

    – Second Year group, Louth; October 2009


    "Our students enjoyed the quiz which was new since we last visited! It was very good, suited their level – they knew enough but still some questions challenged them."

    – Third Level group, Dublin; October 2009


    "As European Studies is one of the main subjects in out TY programme, we feel that a trip to the office is a must. We are heavily involved in the European Youth Parliament and are doing the Comenius programme and so a history of the EU is good for the students."

    – Transition Year group, Mayo; September 2009


    "The presentation was well pitched to the level of the children. Everyone enjoyed the visit. The children enjoyed the DVD. The quiz was well presented."

    – Primary school group, Dublin; September 2009


    "The speaker did a wonderful job. The students loved the prizes in the quiz. Your help was greatly appreciated, and the investment you are making in the lives of students will provide a large return."

    – Third level group, USA; August 2009


    "We wanted to educate our Summer French students on Ireland and the EU, but not by the conventional means of sitting in a classroom and with a short lesson from our teachers. We went on the net and came across your website. From this, we then decided to send our students to your centre. The feedback from our students was very positive about your centre. They found the presentation very educational, and they really learnt a lot about Ireland and the EU. They really appreciated that your presentation was given to them in French. Because of all this positive feedback, we would like to send 2 more groups to your centre again next summer. The quiz was a great success with our students. They really enjoyed the challenge of the quiz and the competition! And of course to give their answers in English – very educational! Overall, we think this is a great idea for educational students and would have no hesitation on recommending your centre to students of all nationalities. Thank you and all your colleagues for accommodating our two groups last summer."

    – EFL group, France; July 2009


    "The presentation was of the right level and the person in the Q&A was excellent with the group. I thought the way in which we were accommodated was excellent – I recommend most highly."

    – Third level group, UK; March 2009






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