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Resources for secondary schools

The European Commission has developed a large variety of resources, including downloadable booklets and wall charts as well as interactive games, to help students learn about the European Union.

Information and links to some of the most popular are provided below.

See here for the full list of booklets published by the EU.

Ireland and the European Union DVD

Image from the cover of the DVDIreland and the European Union provides an introduction to the European Union and the tangible benefits of membership for Ireland. The resource also provides an overview of how the institutions work and how decisions are made at European level and includes interviews with key figures, including Ireland’s European Commissioner. An abridged version of the film is suitable for younger audiences.

The DVD is divided into four standalone chapters. Click on the links below to view:

  1. Ireland and the European Union mpeg-4v - 16 MB [16 MB]

  2. Impact of EU membership mpeg-4v - 20 MB [20 MB]

  3. EU institutions mpeg-4v - 17 MB [17 MB]

  4. How to get involved mpeg-4v - 22 MB [22 MB]

Ireland's recovering economy: An EU perspective

Cover of Ireland's recovering economy: An EU perspective"Ireland's recovering economy: An EU perspective pdf - 3 MB [3 MB] " is a booklet produced by the European Commission Representation in Ireland that describes Ireland's exit from the Financial Assistance Programme, the challenges still facing Ireland and action being taken at EU level to address the economic crisis.

It is available to download as a pdf document.

Europe: what’s it all about?

Cover of "Europe: what's it all about?"Published in 2013 Europe: what’s it all about? is a booklet for secondary school students. It deals with questions like Who governs Europe? What does the European Union mean for our everyday lives? What is the future for Europe? in simple, everyday language. The booklet contains classroom exercises on a variety of EU-related topics. Students are asked to reflect and form their own opinion on, for example, the relevance of EU in their daily lives or on how they would like to see the EU evolve.

Pages: 55. Format: A4

Europe in 12 Lessons

Cover of Europe in 12 lessonsThis booklet contains information about the role of the EU, how it works, what it has achieved so far for its citizens, and the challenges now facing it as well as the future of the Euro.

These are just some of the questions explored by EU expert Pascal Fontaine in this 2010 edition of his popular booklet ‘Europe in 12 lessons’.


Travelling in Europe

Cover of Travelling in Europe 2014-15 brochureThis leaflet contains information on travelling in the 28 countries of the EU and a map of the European Union. Whether you are on holiday or on business, you will find practical advice and helpful tips on a wealth of subjects, from what documents you need, to getting healthcare and using your mobile phone.

The European Commission and the EU

Image of Wallchart - The European Commission and the EUBilingual wallchart which includes a map of the European Union, the main EU institutions, the 27 European Commissioners, a breakdown of the EU budget and a brief explanation of Ireland's 2013 EU Presidency.

Format: A1

Kids' Corner website

Logo for website'Kids' Corner' is a website for children and young people.

It includes information about children's rights – e.g. EU rights for teenage workers, what are the EU emergency numbers if you are a child in danger - as well as games, quizzes and information about the EU and its Member States.

How the European Union works - your guide to the EU institutions

Image from the cover of How the EU works - your Guide to the EU institutionsThis booklet explains the roles and responsibilities of the main EU institutions including the European Parliament, the European Commission, the European Council and the Council of the European Union. It also gives a brief overview of the agencies and other bodies that are involved in the European Union’s work. The aim is to provide a helpful guide to EU decision-making.

Pages: 39
Format: A4

My fundamental rights in the European Union

Cover of My fundamental rights in the European Union Mini booklet of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

Pages: 44
Format: 320mm x 250mm

Available in Irish: Yes

Not available online

EU & Ireland @ 40 - Looking back over 40 years

Image from cover of brochurePublished in 2013 to coincide with the 40th anniversary of Ireland's accession to the EEC in 1973, this booklet outlines the history of Ireland's EU membership from initial negotiations through to the present day, the impact of EU policies in Ireland, Ireland's EU Commissioners, European Parliament elections, referendums on EU treaties and Ireland's EU presidencies.

Pages: 44
Format: A5

The authentic choice

Image from cover of The authentic choiceBooklet which explains the concept of organic farming, the different types of organic products available to European consumers and the benefits of buying organic.

Pages: 20

Sustainable agriculture - What is it and why does it matter?

Image from the cover of Sustainable agriculture - What is it and why does it matter?Sustainable agriculture allows for the production of affordable food that is healthy for consumers and which respects the environment. This booklet provides the essentials on sustainable agriculture.

Pages: 6

Cooking Naturally

Cover: Cooking NaturallyRecipes using organic products

Pages: 6

The CAP & animal welfare

Image from the cover of The CAP and animal welfareOpinion surveys across Europe consistently demonstrate the very strong attachment among the general public to the welfare of farm animals and their demand for more information about the welfare situation of the animals from which our food comes.

Pages: 6

Link up with languages

Image of Link up with languages posterColourful bilingual poster which lists the 23 official languages of the European Union

Format: A1

"What's in it for me?" EU opportunities in education, culture and youth

Cover: What's in it for me? This booklet provides brief information on some of the programmes that the European Commission's Directorate-General for Education and Culture runs in the fields of education, training, culture, research and youth. To make it easier to consult, it does not always use the formal EU terminology, and does not include all EU programmes, instruments and actions. But in each section it does say where to go for more information. And it lists the national agencies and other important organisations that are the gateways to taking part in the activities.

Pages: 56
Format: A5

The Schengen Area

Cover: The Schengen AreaThis booklet offers a concise history of the development of the Schengen area and its consequences for several policy areas: police and customs cooperation, judicial cooperation, visas and asylum.

Cover: How the EU worksHow the EU works

This leaflet pdf - 541 KB [541 KB] is a brief guide to the institutions of the European Union and how decisions are made by the EU.

Cover: Moving within the EUMoving within the EU

This leaflet pdf - 728 KB [728 KB] is a brief guide to the rights of people who move from one EU Member State to another.

Cover: The EU's role in social and employment issues The EU's role in social and employment issues

This leaflet pdf - 580 KB [580 KB] is a brief guide to how the EU is involved in social and employment policies.

Cover: The EU and Consumers The EU and consumers

This leaflet pdf - 855 KB [855 KB] is a brief guide to EU law on consumer protection.

Cover: The EU and its citizens The EU and its citizens

This leaflet pdf - 530 KB [530 KB] is a brief guide to what it means to be a citizen of the EU.

Cover: EU funding EU Funding

his leaflet pdf - 2 MB [2 MB] is a brief guide to the main funds provided by the EU.

Cover of leaflet: Equality and Non DiscriminationEquality and non-discrimination

This leaflet pdf - 406 KB [406 KB] is a brief guide to EU laws on equality with a particular emphasis on disability.


Cover of leaflet: The EU and the EnvironmentThe EU and the environment

This leaflet pdf - 612 KB [612 KB] is a brief guide to the role of the EU in relation to the environment.



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