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Resources for primary schools

The European Commission has developed a large variety of resources, including downloadable booklets and wall charts as well as interactive games, to help school children learn about the European Union.

Information and links to some of the most popular are provided below.

See here for the full list of booklets published by the EU.

Image of cover of Ireland and the European Union dvdIreland and the European Union DVD

Ireland and the European Union provides an introduction to the European Union and the tangible benefits of membership for Ireland. The resource provides an overview of the main EU institutions and includes an interview with Ireland’s European Commissioner.

Click on the links below to view:

Logo for websiteKids' Corner website

'Kids' Corner' is a website for children and young people.

It includes information about children's rights – e.g. EU rights for teenage workers, what are the EU emergency numbers if you are a child in danger - as well as games, quizzes and information about the EU and its Member States.

Cover of Let's Explore EuropeLet's explore Europe!

This booklet provides easy-to-read information on the European continent, its climate and nature, history, languages, famous Europeans and facts about the European Union.

Pages: 44
Format: A4

Image of posterLink up with Languages

Colourful poster which lists the 23 official languages of the European Union

Format: A1

Cover of passportEuropean Union Passport

Bilingual, colourful, interactive and fun guide to Europe. The passport includes a range of interesting facts and figures about each of the 28 EU Member States and is an excellent source of information for children who want to learn about the European Union's capital cities, landmarks, famous people and national foods.

Pages: 136
Format: A6

Image from the cover of Blossom LaneBlossom Lane

Children's storybook about environmentally friendly modes of transport and the harm to the environment caused by cars.

Pages: 24
Format: A5

Image from cover of "A present for Timmy"A present for Timmy

Children's storybook about the importance of buying eco-friendly, biodegradable toys.

Pages: 24
Format: A5

Image from the cover of "Benny's a champion"Benny's a champion

Children's storybook abou the benefits of reusing and recycling, rather than buying now.

Pages: 24
Format: A5

Image from the cover of "Hope for the Kayakos"Hope for the Kayakos

Children's storybook about the importance of rainforests for biodiversity and the netative environmental effects of deforestation.

Pages: 20
Format: A5

Screengrab from digital storybook, Zoe makes a splash!Zoe makes a splash!

Zoe Makes a Splash!is an interactive digital storybook aimed at children between the ages of 7 and 11 and is free to download. It tells the story of two inquisitive children who are shown the importance of water in society. Their guide is an articulate frog, who also alerts them to the impact of polluted water and shows them how it can be avoided. Fun animations and interactive features alternate with more serious educational sections, where users learn about the hydrological cycle and water treatment.

A set of teaching notes to encourage project-based activities in the classroom is also available.

The book is also available as an App on iTunes and Android market





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