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A common visual identity for the Commission

Following the decision to adopt a common visual identity to strengthen the corporate image of the European Commission, communicated in the note to the Directors-Generalpdf (23/11/2011), and announced in the note on the Implementation of the Commission's Visual Identity on the webpdfRestricted area: This link points to internal pages and may not work if you are browsing as an external user. (12/12/2011), the Commission standard template has been updated to implement this new corporate visual identity on the web.

Depending on the context, DGs may choose to apply the new visual identity within their current environment, or to implement the new template 2012.

The graphical specifications and tools to create the new banner can be found on the standard template page.

Guidelines for implementing the new visual identity using previous versions of the template are available at CWCMS portal.

The full set of visual identity guidelines and all versions of the EC logo are available at DG COMMUNICATION website.