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The new restructured IPG is online

The new restructured IPG intended for producers of information for the websites managed by the European Commission is now available. The main purpose of the guide remains the description of the editorial, organisational and technical rules that European Commission websites should follow.

The guide is structured in seven chapters: Basics, Plan, Content, Design, Build, Go live and Maintain, which are visible on the horizontal menu on top of each page.
There are also seven chapters for Resources: Tools, Services, Library, Standards, Quality assurance, Procedures and Training

Each page has the same presentation. The left menu allows navigation within the same chapters, while the main points of the page are displayed on the right in the "On this page" section, which makes it possible to navigate easily within a page.

Modifications to the IPG:

  • Changed the information architecture;
  • Changed navigation into clearer and more user friendly format;
  • Applied new version of WCM Documentum PST templating;
  • Joined together external and internal part of the IPG into new uniform look and feel;
  • Set up new home page;
  • Kept only essential information useful in everyday work;
  • Put additional content on the IPG.

The Information Providers' Guide is a living document, which we update regularly and try to improve all the time. Therefore your comments are always welcome.

We hope that the new IPG will be useful for all of you.

Bojana Draksler